Thursday, April 12, 2007

Quick Query #14: Should We Treat Our Daughters Differently?

Yesterday, I wrote an article about moms who encourage masculinity in their young daughters. One reader left this comment:

Dawn wrote:

Great post! This is an area that I've been contemplating lately, since I have a daughter who is about to turn 15 and another 9 yod.

I guess part of my dilemna is how much do we push our daughters towards a career or do we just train for being a wife and mother? I guess I was fortunate to have had both training. I have a Master's degree and have worked in my field for a number of years, but feel that right now my true calling is being home for my family. (Although financially right now it looks like I may have to return to the work force, even though I don't really want to.)

Lots to think about.


So, I want to bring it to you for discussion. I've read many different opinions on this issue among Bible-believing Christians women, and I'd like to hear yours. Please think realistically as you form your thoughts... don't just say, "well by age 18 I'll be expecting a marriage proposal for her and then she'll never need to work, because she'll stay home with her 67 children and homeschool, and her husband will never die or get sick, so she'll never even need something to fall back on." I would also encourage you to think about how much feminism has affected your thinking in this area: do we really think that women are suited to do every job just as well as a man can? Let's think through all the issues carefully and each share how we'll approach this with our own daughters.

SO, HERE'S THE QUESTION: Should we treat our daughters differently from how we would treat a son, as we prepare them for adult life?
I look forward to hearing your thoughts...


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