Monday, May 21, 2007

Considering Cloth?

Some of you are going to think I'm totally NUTS- but lately, I've been reading a lot about cloth diapering and I'm thinking of trying them out, now that Maranatha's going through only a few diapers a day. Coming to the place of being open to this idea has taken a process of reading about them, hearing from friends that cloth diapering isn't as difficult as it used to be, and that it's a huge money saver. It's an idea with merit that's worth more than a cursory glance.

If you're remotely interested in cloth diapering (or even just morbidly curious, which is where I was just a few months ago), you'll want to check out some excellent and informative resources I've found:

  • NEED MOTIVATION? Once again I find myself thanking Sara for challenging us in these "green" areas (that's green for the environmental perspective, not green for what you may find in the cloth diapers you use because of your environmental perspective! :) Sara has written "Choose Cloth", which will challenge you to think reusable rather than disposable in a WIDE variety of areas! (Ever heard of cloth toilet paper? No? Well then head on over to Sara's place and prepare to have your eyes bug out opened, friend!)
  • NEED CONVINCING? Here an article that explains that regular people actually still use cloth diapers.
  • NEED INFORMATION? Here is an excellent website that explores all the ins and outs, all the "why?"s, "how?"s, and "which ones are best?" kind of questions you might ask about cloth diapering. With a variety of articles, this is an excellent resource for finding out all about cloth diapers.
  • NEED RECOMMENDATIONS? Read these mother-written reviews of various cloth diapering options to get a feel for what products are tried-and-true according to mom.
  • NEED HELP SORTING OUT OPTIONS? This article, HOW DO I CHOOSE?, is helpful for sorting through all the varieties and options and getting a feel for how to start cloth diapering.
I'm in the process right now of deciding whether to buy and what to buy in this whole area. I figure right now is a great time to start, if I'm going to... I don't have a newborn, so I won't have NEAR as much laundry while I'm getting acclimated to cloth diapers as I would if I were starting with a new baby. What's more, I have a dryer here, which I won't have when we move back overseas, so it will be easier to start here and now than at some later time in some other place.

What say you? Do you use cloth diapers? Have you ever? Would you? Does the idea alone send shivers down your spine? Let me hear from you!


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