Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Show & Tell: All About the Church

I've got some interesting reads lined up for you today... browse the selection- I know you'll want to read at least one. ;)

  • "Common Law Church"- This article (have I told you guys how much I really dig Boundless?) examines what church commitment can look like, by studying a thriving church in an urban area that's growing steadily and deeply, among young and old alike. Mark Dever, the pastor of the church that's featured, says, "There are a lot of churches you can go to where your Christianity is still a very private affair. I don't think church is supposed to be like that."
  • "Girly Church" Andy muses about the feminization of the church and what can be done to attract men into the fold. Here's a few snippets:
"like many other men, I have never felt my temperament was valued in church. ...Male traits are not respected in the "feminization" of culture and the "feminined" church. ...I'm convinced if Jesus were here today Church would be less girly. In the "feminized" Church we have forgotten that we can speak boldly and in love at the same time. ...I have Vineyard CD with a song by a young lady and she says to Jesus: "I come into your chambers and I dance at your feet"........ Ever thought about the image that that gives to a man?"

Like I said, I think you'll want to read this article, titled "Girly Church".

  • The Wall Street Journal did an interesting piece about Religion's Generation Gap, highlighting the fact that an increasing number of young people are more devout and more committed to their faith than their parents were. Here's a clip:
While parents of newly devout offspring often consider religion a benign if not positive influence, some say they are disappointed that their children have chosen a lifestyle so different from their own. ...Clergy are in the difficult position of trying to guide young people toward devoutness without dishonoring their families. The reluctance of parents to accept their children's choices can be a source of frustration for some youths and their pastors. "My joke is, they liked them better when they were on drugs," says Pastor Peter La Joy... Continue reading HERE. {This article is formatted in PDF, and you'll have to zoom to read. Sorry if this causes anyone difficulty.}
  • Muddy Boots shared these "Rules of Humility" from Mother Theresa, and I just couldn't help but think about how great it would be if Christians would apply these things to their interactions with other Christians. How many less people in the Church would be hurt if we would simply follow this advice.
  • And finally, as you may know, I like to wrap these up when possible with a little humor. So, if you're so inclined, head on over to "The Sacred Sandwich" and poke around, unless you've got thin skin, at which point, don't go. But you'll have missed out on one, no-I daresay MANY, good laughs.


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