Saturday, September 22, 2007

A Fond Farewell

I can't believe it! I am actually selling this awesome tin bathtub that I picked up in Indiana over the summer. I thought it (and it did) made an awesome prop for my bath area in the shop. I got the idea to use polyester batting to simulate soap suds. Looks like you could climb right in and soak away doesn't it? So in walks a really good customer of mine and goes gaga over it! She's actually going to install it in her home and use it! Well how could I refuse that? I think it's really awesome that she's actually going to do that. So it's leaving in a few weeks. Never thought I'd part with it, but there you go. I'll just have to find another awesome piece to put in it's place. Bad problem to have, right? By the way, a huge thanks to those of you recently discovered my blog and posted such nice comments! Warms my heart!




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