Thursday, September 27, 2007

ADVICE AND ANSWERS: When a Woman Doesn't Want Children

Today's "Advice & Answers" question comes from an anonymous reader. It was actually asked as a comment to a previous post, but I thought it was an interesting question for all Making Home readers to consider, not just those who happened to read the comments of that particular post.

So here's the question:

"What about women who don't want children at all, and would rather have a career only? Maybe marriage, maybe not? Is this sinful?"

So what say you? Mind you, this situation is not asking about someone who *can't* have children, or who has medical difficulties and may not be able to have children. This question is about a woman who doesn't *want* children.

So, biblically speaking, if a woman knows she doesn't want children, is she free to marry? Any other thoughts, answers, or advice you'd have in response to a question like this? Can't wait to hear your thoughts on this interesting question!


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