Tuesday, September 11, 2007

The Powerful Benefits of the Word of God - Psalm 119

Reading through Psalm 119 today, I thought I would take this opportunity to praise the Word of God and remind you and me of all the benefits of the Word, as found in the Psalm.

It's a long list, but well-worth the time if you, like me, are needing a kick in the pants to make time for the Word of God each day! Please take the time to prayerfully read through the list and I pray it will encourage you as it has me!

  • Those who walk in the ways of the Word are blessed. (1-3)
  • His precepts are outlined in the Word so that we can keep them. (4-5)
  • When we fix our eyes on His commandments, we will not be put to shame. (6, 31)
  • His Word helps us to praise Him with a pure heart. (7)
  • A young man can keep his way pure by following the Word. (9)
  • Storing His Word in our hearts fights sin in our lives. (11)
  • He teaches us through His Word. (12)
  • As we delight in it, His Word becomes more precious to us than money. (14, 67-72, 162)
  • It gives us righteous things to meditate on. (15)
  • The more we delight in it, the more we will remember His Word. (15-16, 48)
  • There are wondrous things to behold in God's law. (18)
  • Though we are sojourners and things may feel foreign to us or we might not understand everything in the world around us, His commandments are clear and straightforward. (19)
  • Our souls long for His rules and ways to be put in place in our lives. (20)
  • Those who wander from the Word are rebuked. (21)
  • When powerful people plot against us, we can rest in His Word. (23)
  • His Word counsels us. (24)
  • His Word brings life. (25)
  • Prayer brings understanding of His Word. (26-27)
  • When we are sorrowful, His Word strengthens and comforts us. (28, 52)
  • Truth and lies are made clear and separated by His Word. (29)
  • His Word helps us to choose rightly. (30)
  • My heart is set free by His Word. (32)
  • As we learn His Word, we we learn to follow God. (33)
  • Our hearts will turn from selfishness as we turn to His Word. (36)
  • Our eyes will turn from worthless things as we receive life from His Word. (37)
  • Hearing His promises teaches us to fear and reverence God. (38)
  • His Word brings salvation and steadfast love to us. (41)
  • His Word gives us a ready answer for those who scoff and taunt us. (42)
  • Truth will be in our mouths when our hope is in His law. (43)
  • God's promises bring life and hope when we are afflicted. (51)
  • We will see wickedness for what it is when we know God's law. (53)
  • His law puts a song in our hearts. (54, 172)
  • Meditating on God's Word motivates us to quickly obey Him! (59-60)
  • God's Word is FIRMLY FIXED FOREVER in HEAVEN. We can partake of something eternal and lasting when we read His Word. (89)
  • If we are not delighting in His Word when trials hit, we are an easy target. (92)
  • His commandments make us wise. (98-100)
  • His Word reminds us to keep our feet from evil. (101)
  • His precepts teach us to hate evil and falsehood. (104, 128, 163)
  • His Word sheds light on our path so our feet can walk surely. (105, 165)
  • His testimonies bring JOY. (111)
  • "The unfolding of Your words gives light; it imparts understanding to the simple." (130)
  • His law teaches us to see sinners as He sees them. (136)
  • His rules show us His righteousness. (137)
  • His promises and rules are reliable, and last forever. (140, 160)
  • His Word gives us hope and confidence each morning. (114, 147-148)
  • His word gives us "great peace". (165)
  • Even when we go astray, His Word will be hidden in our hearts. (176)

What an encouraging list of reasons to get into the Word of God today, huh? I have felt my passion for His Word being revived as I've read through this Psalm this afternoon, and I hope it has done the same for you. Blessings!


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