Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Show & Tell: Socialization, Transracial Adoption, and other interesting finds

One excellent article I read this week that I really want to highlight is by Terry, who blogs over at Ornaments of Grace, called "Living in Neverland". Here's an excerpt:

"The medical and scientific community have concluded in recent years that adolescence-the final stage of childhood-ends at or around age 25. Yes, I said that 25 year olds are now considered adolescents. This is disturbing to me on a number of levels.

Given the progress and advancements of the last century it would stand to reason that this generation of young people would be better equipped to handle life and the responsibility of adulthood, not less. It's obvious that somewhere along the way we took a wrong turn."
GO READ the rest of this fantastic article.


  • My friend, Renee, wrote a very sweet post as a adoptive mom who parents several sons from Ethiopia (they're currently in the process to adopt two more from Ghana!)
  • Here's an interesting interview about transracial adoption with good advice for parents about teaching our kids that they are created in God's image! (I think it's good advice regardless of whether you've adopted transracially or not... he hits some very important points in this brief interview.)


  • My friend Jazzy wrote an excellent "answer" to the oft-asked question asked of homeschooling parents: "What about socialization?"
  • WOW! Christine writes a thought-provoking SELF-CHECK TEST for homeschooling moms. But frankly, for any parent, this is a convicting list of questions to ask yourself to see how your philosophy lines up with your practice!



And, as always, here's the LAUGH you may need today! Go check out Steph's video post, iBible. Happy reading!!!


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