Thursday, November 22, 2007

POLL: Baby Names- Does the Meaning Matter?

Just curious how you guys see this issue... Some people put great stock in the meanings of the baby names they choose. Biblically and historically, this was often an influence in the naming of children. Some people might even see name meanings as a sort of expectation, prophecy, or prayer for what the child will be like: maybe brave, or a strong man of faith... perhaps a gracious woman or a woman of renown.

Nowadays, in America, it seems that meanings aren't as critically important to us. For one thing, I don't know any little boys actually named "Sonofmyrighthand" or "Godisgracious". But I do know people named Benjamin and John. The meanings of girls' names can sometimes be more easily pegged: for example, girls are often named after character traits: Faith, Hope, Grace, and Charity.

So I'm curious how you see this issue... how important is the meaning of the name to you?

  • VERY IMPORTANT: It may even be prophetic in the child's life... this is a high priority for me when choosing names.
  • IMPORTANT: I like a good meaning and select names with that in mind.
  • NOT IMPORTANT: If I like the name, it matters very little what it means.
  • IRRELEVANT: Meanings are completely meaningless. I don't consider this at all.

Answer the poll on the right hand sidebar, and leave me a comment! :) I would be interested in hearing not only what you've named your children and why (if you just want to leave the meanings for anonymity's sake, that's OK)... but also what YOUR name means and if you like it, and if you've lived up to it in any way.

Looking forward to hearing from you!

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