Thursday, January 17, 2008

Six Degrees Of Kevin Bacon

Lately I have found out just how small the world I live in is. This post isn't really about Kevin Bacon, but I couldn't resist using this phenomenom as a tongue in cheek comparison to my new friend Theresa Cano. Now if you aren't familiar with The Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon just google that expression and you'll get my point. Anyway~~I have come to know Theresa Cano through the world of blogging and hers is my favorite because she is like a world class reporter on the subject of junkin'. Not to mention that she's just a downright nice person.

Well after emails and commenting on each others blogs, I find out she knows Theresa Smith of Cottage Gardens in Kentucky. If you will remember, Theresa's fab house was recently featured in Country Living and I had kept the article before I even knew either of them. So, this past weekend on my way home from the mart in Atlanta I dropped in on my pal Deb Orrick at Exit 109 Antiques in Vienna Ga. and find out she knows Theresa and Craig Smith from Scott Antique Market in Atlanta and also French Vanilla~~wonderful dealers who do the Marburger Farms show at Round Top. I feel positive that Theresa Cano knows the French Vanilla dealers as she always shows us great pics when they are at a show there. So you can see how all this got me thinking about Kevin Bacon... Maybe we didn't quite make six degrees but you have to admit it is a small world afterall. Hmmmm.......




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