Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Weary Traveler

This past weekend, Mr. Sweet Pea and I travelled to Atlanta to turbo through what we could at the Atlantasmart market for retailers. Why do I say turbo? Because while most buyers spend the better part of a week there, we had two short days to power through! If you've ever been, you can appreciate what a challenge it is. Floor after floor of product, and honestly a whole lot of it looks alike and most of it doesn't belong in my shop. But I was in need of some new vendors and so off we went. I did find, I am happy to report, several new lines that I have ordered and am eagerly anticipating their arrival. So all you loyal Sweet Pea customers (you know who you are) and those who haven't been in for awhile~~get ready for some fab new stuff!

I also had the pleasure of joining a dinner for shop owners organized by Debbie Dusenberry of the infamous Curious Sofa at a charming little restaurant called the Pleasant Peasant. It was invaluable to meet and network with other shop owner's from all over the country, and hats off to Debbie for putting it together. Many of us read each others blogs also and it was nice to put a face with a name. Great fun!

Lastly, I hope you have noticed that my blog has been given a wonderfully charming face-lift! I have been checking out so many other blogs that are so fantastically designed, and being techno~challenged as I am I needed some help to make mine equally as fun. So, I contacted the very talented Sara Duckett at Sadie Olive to work her magic on my blog. She does web design as well and that may be next on the horizon for me. She is really easy to work with and as you can see she's way talented!! Thanks Sara!

Until next time, stay well and keep living the creative life!



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