Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Random Thoughts on Pre-Baby Preparations

So, we're gearing up for Silas' arrival (he's due Easter Sunday, in less than 4 weeks- YIPPEE!!!). Here are some things that I'm doing to get ready...

* I've washed and put away all the cloth diapers we'll be using, so they're ready to be pulled out and used whenever he comes. (Incidentally, I didn't use cloth with Maranatha until she was 9 months old, so I haven't yet used the itty-bitty ones... and let me just say: they are ABSOLUTELY adorable!)

* Yesterday, I purchased a soft-armed plush chair for nursing privately in our bedroom... I've been browsing used furniture shops here near where I take language lessons, and my language tutor went out with me yesterday and helped me find a great used chair that is not the prettiest or newest thing in the world, but is quite comfortable and will fit the bill quite nicely. We have large groups that meet here at least twice a week, so having a private, comfy place to escape to (especially in those early days of getting used to each other) will be a blessing!

* I've already sorted through the kids' dressers so that I won't have to deal with changing out their clothing sizes for at least a few months after Silas is born. (Packing away things that are too small, shifting in the new sizes, making sure everything fits and is fairly organized.)

* One thing I haven't yet done that I'm going to do is to return to a system I used when Ethan (now 5.5 years old) was 2 and 3 years old... whenever I fold laundry for toddlers, I put pre-matched/chosen outfits into gallon-sized Ziplock bags, complete with shirt, shorts/pants, undies, socks, and whatever else they need to get ready. Then I just loaded those baggies into their drawers. That way, in the morning, I didn't have to go through drawers, searching for matching socks, hoping there were pants that went with a particular shirt, etc.

So, now that I have two little people (Baxter- 3.5 years old, and Maranatha- 21 months) who are certainly old enough to grab a bag, but not old enough to choose (or consistently choose) well-matched outfits, I've decided to re-implement this great system to get through the next year or so. It will be helpful while Silas is little, to keep me from having to think so hard about what three little people will wear. Instead, I'll just pick out Silas' outfit, and Baxter and Maranatha can decide for themselves what to wear (but it will be from pre-approved choices). ;) Anyway, I'll get to work on this a few weeks after Silas is born, since my mom is bringing gallon-sized Ziplocks to me when she comes for his birth! :)

* Pre-made, frozen meal options- Here's my list of what I've started making this week:

  • 60 frozen chicken pocket sandwiches (little pastry squares filled with a seasoned chicken and cheese mixture)
  • 2 servings of pre-made spaghetti sauce (no Prego or Ragu on the store shelves here!)- finished 3/5/08
  • 4 meals' worth of marinated chicken breasts and thighs- DONE!
  • 20+ breaded chicken breasts and thighs
  • 60-80 breaded chicken nuggets
  • 2 servings of pre-cooked/flavored taco meat- DONE!
  • 40 taco pockets (pastry squares filled with taco meat and cheddar cheese)- DONE!
  • 2 batches of frozen oatmeal cookie dough- finished 3/3/08
  • bagged soup mixes (pre-portioned for 9x13 casserole dishes, for chicken spaghetti-type casseroles)
  • 2 servings sesame chicken sauce
  • 10 baggies of bread mix (so I can just add water, yeast, and butter to the bread machine)
  • 20 breakfast burritos (can't get pork products here, so these will just be egg & cheese)
  • a few baggies of prepared cornbread mix
So, these are my pre-delivery preparations! Got any other ideas for me? Anything you've done (or seen others do) that could make that post-partum time a little easier for a new mom? Please share!


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