Monday, February 11, 2008

Why I Love Him

In honor of the special day this week (no, not Valentine's Day, although that may be a special day for you... I'm talking about the 8th anniversary of the day Doug asked me to marry him... February 11th, 2000), I'd like to list out some of the reasons why I love this incredible man God gave me. It's not a complete list, but it's representative of the amazing man he is.


  • He teaches them about God and leads in spiritual things (Bible reading, prayer, and memorization).
  • He gives extra-long snuggles to our kids when they are sad or sick.
  • He gets down on the floor and plays cars or trains and is totally silly with our boys.
  • He admires and is ultra-sweet to our daughter, telling her she's pretty and that he loves her, and he takes interest in the things she's doing.
  • He knows how to use and wash cloth diapers (amazing!), and doesn't resent it or gripe about it (even MORE amazing!).
  • He loves EACH child we have, as an individual, and like me, is open to having more.
  • I love that he's always had a heart for adoption. Even if we never get to adopt, I love that he tears up when he hears an adoption story, just like me.
  • He teaches the kids to respect me, in words and action.
  • He can act totally silly and dance crazy or play games with the kids.
  • I love that he gets emotional about our children.
  • He is a man of measured words... when he says something, it's worth hearing.
  • He loves to read and we talk about what we're reading together.
  • He studies and memorizes the Word of God (seriously, y'all, he's amazing at this. He has so much scripture memorized, and he leads us in family memorization, too).
  • He can make a MEAN jug of sweet tea. :)
  • I love that he leads in family "Bible Time", nearly every night.
  • I love that he really, really loves me. (This may seem self-focused, but the truth is, it's actually a biblical picture of love-- we love Christ because He loved us first... the same is true for Doug & I.)
  • Though neither of us had perfect pasts, we both saved ourselves for each other, and I LOVE that we aren't worried about comparing each other to other people.
  • He is very intentional about being faithful to me-- in action, word, and thought.
  • He'll rub my feet whenever I ask, and has offered many, many times when I haven't asked.
  • I love that he will watch the movies I like and actually interact with me about them (like Jane Austen kind of stuff-- WHAT a guy!).
  • I love that he is willing to do things around the house too, so that we can have time together in the evenings once the kids go to bed.
  • I love that we both crack each other up. I don't know if anyone else would find either of us very funny, but we each can make each other laugh in ways that no one else can.
  • I love that he's a good surpriser... big and small, he's surprised me so many times!
  • I know that he loves me, because he apparently talks about me a lot when we're not together and other people tell me so.
  • I love that he remembers special days and consistently does special things to celebrate.
  • I love that he is willing to wash out the poopy cloth diapers (reminds me of Martin Luther) because I'm Mrs. Pregnant "Bionic Nose" right now (yes, that's what he calls me).
  • He communicates with me about our relationship-- what's going well, if there are any struggles, etc., and then is willing to make changes with me so that we can improve our marriage.
  • He truly wants to and strives to love me like Christ loves the church.
  • He's the most fun, most interesting, most attractive, most kind man I've ever known.

And honestly, there's so much more. But this gives a glimpse into our marriage and life together. Like Solomon's bride described her husband in Song of Solomon 3, this is "him whom my soul loves"... and I will always be grateful to God for this incredible man that I get to be one with. :)


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