Friday, March 7, 2008

Over~Achievers Anonymous

As if it isn't enough that I am spending every spare moment getting ready for Marburger in April, I finally persuaded (okay I begged) Mr. Sweet Pea to take on a project at home that is long overdue. When we bought our house in 1995, all the ceilings had the dreaded popcorn on them. The living room actually had~~get ready~~glitter mixed into the popcorn! All together now~~Eeewwwwww!!!! A nod to the disco era of the 70's when the house was built no doubt, but nonetheless it all had to go! So over the years we have scraped it off all the ceilings except the master bedroom. We had done other renovations to the room, but for some reason we just never got to that and the room really needed a fresh paint job too. So, in addition to running the shop,getting stuff together for Marburger, and a turn and burn to Vienna Ga. last Sunday to get MORE stuff for Marburger we took on the bedroom project. Am I crazy you ask? Well, in a word~~slightly!

Okay here's the deal. Have any of you ever just wanted to get rid of everything and start over decorating your home? Or at the least just edit a significant amount of stuff and lighten up? Well that's how I've been feeling lately, and it occurred to me this morning as I was putting some of the furniture back what is going on. You see, in about a week I am becoming a first~time Grandma! Thought I would make it to 50 before that happened but didn't. Anyway, I digress. I have realized that I am actually NESTING!!!! Anyone out there have this experience? I am making the house just so for these new little babies about to come into my life. What? Babies? Yes, I said babies~~plural. You see, I am being blessed twice~~a granddaughter next week and then in May we are getting a grandson! Apparently there is something in the water at my house!

And so, the nesting continues... I am in the home stretch and will post some pics of the finished room in my next post. Here's a hint~it's kinda Ralph Lauren. Chocolate brown walls and lots of white with hints of blue. But for now, I promised new shop pics in my last post so without further hesitation here they are. Until next time, stay creative!



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