Saturday, May 3, 2008

Call to Prayer in Our Homes

Our family lives in Turkey, where five times a day, we either barely hear or are audibly assaulted by a man's voice singing the call to prayer (depending on how close we are to the nearest mosque). Last night, as the Arabic sounds came dancing into our open windows, I began thinking about what the "call to prayer" would look like in Christian homes.

Of course, our first reaction may be that we don't want to be legalistic or formulaic in our prayers and addresses with God, and that is true to a point. And yet the Old Testament is full of examples of external "reminders" of God's faithfulness for God's people. (Think of the altars built to recall a certain event, and the unflinching regularity of sacrificial offerings.) The church as a whole, particularly the American church, could do with a little discipline. Regularity and a consistent commitment in our walks with God would be a refreshing change from the have-it-your-way brand of casual, comfortable, and convenient faith of so many that call themselves "Christians".

Anyway, last night as the call to prayer rang out, I began asking myself, and I want to pose the question to you as well:

What things regularly happen in your home to remind you and your children to praise God and take your requests to Him throughout each day?

  • Regular times of prayer together (mealtimes, bedtime)?
  • Daily time spent reading Scripture?
  • Wall hangings/decor?
  • Praise & Worship music, audio Bibles, and Bible stories playing throughout the day?
  • Other?
I've shared some things about our home before (here and here)... but I'd like to hear from you and possibly get some fresh ideas for all of us to consider as we strive to raise our children to love God and take their burdens to Him, and as we strive to love Him with all of our heart, soul, mind, and strength. So tell me, what does the "call to prayer" sound like or look like in your home?


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