Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Down Days... We All Have 'Em.

I haven't blogged in the last few days, not only because I've been busy and have a newborn, but also because I've had some off days-- the kinds of days that you DON'T feel like writing about. The ones that leave you tired, bitter, battle-weary, and threaten to send you right over that proverbial edge.

But today, even though it's still a down day, I want to write about it. If for no other reason than to broadcast out there that this blogging mama has rough days too.

(Yes, the picture is supposed to be a visual confession of the mood I've been in lately.)

Here are some things that have happened too much in the last few days:

  • self-indulgent pity parties in my mind
  • kids spilling things about a million times a day
  • griping at my kids for doing childlike things (see above) ;-)
  • moping (no, not mopping-- that would be productive!)
  • folding laundry to physically work out my frustrations (hey, I can't be completely lazy- I've still got 6 people to feed and clothe!)
  • spending too much time reading on the computer
  • trying to do things in my own strength
Here are some things that haven't happened very much in the last few days:
  • prayer
  • confession of those times when I blow it
  • admission of my need of God
Wanted to be real... and maybe even engender some heartfelt prayers on my behalf. ;-) Also just wanted to say: down days... we all have 'em!


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