Friday, May 2, 2008

French Dressing

I've never been one to stay in the same place too long. Sometimes it's a change of location, sometimes it's just rearranging the living room. Us creative types have to twirl it around every once in awhile. I've noticed that the shop has been taking on an obvious French twist this year and I really like the direction I'm going. A customer commented the other day "You've changed!". I simply replied "Always!". I have no idea what she meant or even if it was a compliment, but I'm taking it as one. So I wanted to share some recent photos of the shop and some of the "Frenchier" stuff. Enjoy!

Fabulous old yardlong on top of a great peely cubby. Don't you love the tin letters spelling "roses"?

Great old plaster sconce.

Old church pew with fab burlap pillows and picture frames above mixed with architectural fragments.

Old french collars mixed with vintage bottles and more tin letters in a rusty wheelbarrow.

Old battery jar filled with vintage flash cards next to cute tin shoes that can also hang.

Great zinc mirror with a fab reflection.

An old chicken feeder rests against a box with tin back. Inside are a great old picture and a mercury glass vase. More tin letters finish off the vignette.

The coveted brown and white transferware on an old farm table. More flash cards for a twist.


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