Monday, June 23, 2008

Summer Reading?

So, I've just started reading "Women Helping Women"-- a great collection of specifics about "how to" do biblical counseling (by women, for women). I get a fair amount of ladies who come to me personally over e-mail after visiting Making Home with questions-- asking for help, advice, or prayer, so I felt this may be a good way to continue growing in this area of biblical counseling (until such time that I might be able to pursue a Masters in this area... which is something I've been mulling for some time).

I'm really excited about this book and about learning about counseling in areas that are less familiar to me (like post-abortion counseling, eating disorders, medical conditions, and singleness).

So, that's what I'M reading... what are YOU reading this summer (or planning to read)? Feel free to sell me on it and tell me why it's such a great book/topic. I do love a good book and you just might highlight something that someone else needs to read!

So tell me, what's on your summer reading list?


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