Friday, October 10, 2008

Home Again

Mr. Sweet Pea and I arrived home safely on Monday from our second Marburger Farms whirlwind. I am happy to report that this trip was much smoother than the first, with only one glitch on the way there~~no hotel rooms from Louisiana to Texas due to Ike. So Mr. Sweet Pea stepped up and drove the entire trip there, over one thousand miles, with no worries at all. If there's one thing Mr. Pea can do it's drive for hours on end with no problem~~me, not so much... We had a blast, spent lots of time with our fab friends, and came home with lots less inventory. I hope you enjoy the pics of our booth!

This table was sold to Rachel Ashwell!

One of my fav vignettes~~this table sold to Rachel Ashwell also.


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