Sunday, November 9, 2008

Busy As A Bee

Wow, sorry to be MIA for so long! I have been busy, busy! Two weeks ago I had a home sale~~huge thanks to all who attended, you guys are my peeps! Then I got a wild idea to have a garage sale yesterday. Big money? No. But alot of good junk found a new home and that is awesome! The leftovers got donated to The Salvation Army. And now you say? Well today I went to Renninger's Antique Market to secure a booth for the Extravaganza this coming weekend. I was soooo lucky to get a booth in the outdoor pavilion I used to be in! My booth is 520 so if you are planning to come out, I hope you will come find me. I promise to take pics of my booth! Until next time~~stay safe and keep junkin'!



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