Thursday, November 20, 2008

Random Acts Of Decorating

So at the request of some of my readers, I am trying to blog more often. What do I love to see when I check my favs? Lots of pics! So sparing the witty text, here are some of my favorite little vignettes around my home. I hope you enjoy them...

The living room.

A fab old apothocary bottle found in Indiana.

Built in bookcase full (and I do mean full) of my favorite things.

The other half of the bookcase. I am such a "stuff" person...

Fab old frame with vintage sign letters spelling what else? JUNK

A tart tin with old typewriter keys.

Another fab frame filled with French papers from Corey Amaro and above a piece from Linda at Willow Nest Farm in Texas.

Old wisk brooms under a dome.

Mercury glass! Nothing more needs to be said...

Part of my nest collection in a wardian case.

Wardian case that houses some of my nests.

Another nest resting on a stack of ironstone platters. Behind is a fab mirror I got from TOT.

Old pitcher filled with tallow berries under a cloche.

Old glass battery jar filled with mercury glass ornaments.

The vignette inside a fab metal display case I bought from Donnie at Round Top. The pic is me...

The wonderful metal cabinet I got from TOT with the display case, a killer clock face and don't you love the birch sleeve from Pottery Barn?

Old wire market basket full of clock faces.

The hall bath and my collection of old medicine cabinets.

Baby dress form and my rosary bead necklaces.

Old signage in the guest bedroom.

My baby bed springs with my junk assemblage.

Cool huh?


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