Wednesday, December 17, 2008

(UPDATED!) Burdened for a Dear Friend...

12/29 UPDATE:
He has been moved out of ICU, but is still in the hospital as they await full healing in one lung. Thankfully, he is able to nurse full-time, they can hold him and interact, and he is alert and active. When we contrast how he arrived in the major city-- with the doctors telling his parents to "expect the worst"-- to how he is today, God has certainly acted mightily and healed this young man!

We are so thankful, and we praise the LORD for all He has done!

12/24 update-- What a blessing; there is much to be thankful for!!!
* This morning, the doctor decided that because of his great progress, he would be taken off of the respirator. He's been breathing on his own most of the day and remains stable! This has happened 10 days sooner than expected.
* He's feeding through a tube in his nose frequently throughout the day. He is getting stronger and stronger as he gets this nourishment.
* His mother was even able to hold him today! Praise God things are looking better each and every day!

Thank you all for your prayers; what an amazing thing it's been to see God heal and sustain this sweet baby through so much.

12/22 update-- Praise the LORD! His fever is going down, his body is showing signs of responding well to the medicine, and he is now receiving his mom's milk through a feeding tube. Please pray for continued healing and also that her milk supply will increase back to the level of 8 days ago, before this medical situation began. God is acting strongly on behalf of this precious family... keep praying!

12/21 update--
everyone has arrived safely in the major city and it is now a "wait and see" situation. The infection has spread and we need to pray for the medicine to fight off the infection that has become so strong in his weak body. Pray, too, that the family will have a peaceful transition to living in this new city for however long they have to be there. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR YOUR PRAYERS!!!

12/19 update-- the baby and his father arrived in the major city and he is still in very critical condition; pray for healing from an infection and for continued strength in his small body. Also please pray for the mother and his 2-year-old sister to have an easy time as they will travel to this same city on 12/20.

Original Post 12/17: Please join me in praying for a dear friend of mine's sweet one-month old son... he is in critical condition in a hospital in just about the farthest place on earth from good medical care. They are currently awaiting air transport to a quality facility many hours away.

PLEASE pray for his mother and father-- that they will be comforted with peace that passes all understanding, for the doctors-- that they will have wisdom from the Great Physician, and for this sweet baby to be miraculously protected and healed. Pray that their family will be a testimony to God's great care and grace.

Thank you so much for joining your heart with mine and so many others around the world in lifting up this precious family.


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