Saturday, January 31, 2009

A Slice o' Family Life: Memories & Memorization

While playing my guitar this morning, I remembered some funny (and great) family videos we got a little over a year ago, felt nostalgic, and wanted to share them here, with you all.

October 2007
Our oldest son sharing Psalm 1 --
it's so sweet to hear the way he talked back then... they really DO grow up so fast.

November 2007
My favorite video-- one of the kiddos all dancing...
our daughter gets nervous when she sees the camera,
but then decides to go on dancing anyway.

December 2007
The boys sharing their memorization of the Beatitudes... this one cracks me up!

I don't always share private things, but I guess I just wanted to share these and remember some precious times "with" you all. Hopefully this will give you a few laughs and a glimpse into our home, and let you share in the joy of our entirely silly and wonderful kiddos.


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