Friday, March 27, 2009

A Beautiful Walk

We set off at dusk for an evening walk through rolling hills.

Usually, we walk down into the valley where the horse stables are. But this night we decided to take our walk up to the quiet fields, secretly hoping to finally get a glimpse of the infamous Gilhouley Elk Herd that have been migrating through these parts for many years.

Last week we heard an elk bugling close by. So close that you couldn't help but watch the fields in hopes that you'd get a glimpse of the creature making so much noise. There are hundreds of elk footprints along our road, on our property and in the fields. But still, we had yet to actually see one face to face.

Until last night.

At first we spotted three along the horizon of the hill. As we got closer, we saw fourteen, and closer still, we saw twenty.
Twenty gorgeous elk grazing under the setting sun. Twenty gorgeous elk gazing at us and us back at them. It took our breath away, to see so many. What a blessing it is to share this mountain with such beautiful, majestic creatures.
It was one of the most beautiful nights of my life.


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