Monday, March 23, 2009

A Drawer

This is our kitchen drawer. I'm posting on our kitchen drawer because this drawer makes me happy. I just love the colors and textures of shiny silver, wood, wicker and metal together.

I wish every drawer in our house offered such good feelings. They do not.

You may find it surprising that a lot of the items in this drawer are recycled. These items include: 

  • The flatware in the oval wicker basket in the back of the drawer. This flatware comes from my Grandmother's house. It was her everyday flatware so every birthday cake, pumpkin pie, and home cooked meal was eaten off them. I love the pattern but especially the monogrammed "B." I married a Mr. "B" so the monogram still works!
  • The wooden cutlery drawer this flatware sits in was my Grandmother's cutlery drawer as well. Love that.
  • I picked up the square wicker tray (an old paper tray) at an antique store several years ago.
  • The dark wooden cutlery drawer that sits in the wicker tray is something I picked up awhile back in Maine and have used it for over ten or so years.
  • The rest of the cream scoops, serving utensils, knives, bottle openers...are all vintage items.


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