Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Birth Of A Boothlet

So the one~year anniversary of my shop closing is fast approaching, and I've been feeling a little off the beam so to speak lately. I realized that I needed and missed the design/decorating fix that I got on a regular basis when I had the shop, and at the persistent urging of a friend and fellow antique dealer I took a booth in a well~established shop in Maitland FL. Halley's has been around forever, as have the dealers there and it's rare to get a chance at a booth. And so my teeny,diminutive,petite booth is born~~hereafter referred to lovingly as my little boothlet as it is a mere 5X5 in size. Never fear for I am the master of small spaces and can always make it work. Mr. Sweet Pea is always skeptical, and will stand shaking his head and say,"You'll never get all that in there". And lo and behold I always do. I love small spaces. They're cozy and intimate. They require thought and the ability to know when enough is enough. And it's mine~~all mine...

Halley's Antique Mall
473 S. Orlando Ave.
Maitland,FL 32751
Open 7 days a week
Mon thru Sat 10:30 til 5:30
Sun 1 til 4


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