Monday, April 13, 2009

Hey Calvin!

Okay so here is a blog solely dedicated to one of my (and Mr. Sweet Pea's) favorite people at Marburger~~Calvin! Calvin is from Tennessee and does the Marburger show just down the way from us in tent H. He partners with his wife Carla and their son-in-law David. Hey Carla and David! They always have awesome stuff like old store counters and super long harvest tables just to name a few. We hope they will return in the fall cause it won't be the same without them! In his spare time, Calvin LOVES to read blogs and I have suggested that he get one of his own. I think it could be called "A Day In The Life Of Calvin". What do you think? So anyway, here's a pic of Calvin in his booth. Sorry ladies he's taken.

I had a picture of Carla but do to a death threat she made against me if I posted it, she'll just have to remain a mystery...


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