Saturday, April 11, 2009

Marburger Show Spring 2009

So, the spring show is behind us now. Seems like it went by so quickly, maybe too quickly. It was so awesome to see all our friends and commrades in the antique world and to meet some new ones. Thanks to all the bloggers who stopped by and said hello! The weather was not our friend though, and made some of the days a challenge. Especially the day we fought to keep our booths intact during 40 mile an hour winds! Luckily we did not suffer any losses but many did. There is nothing worse than hearing other dealer's inventory crashing to the ground around you and wondering if yours will be next. At times it felt as though the tent would take flight with all my treasures attached to it!

I felt this was my best offering to date, and though most were very careful with their money the trailer was a little lighter going home. Mr. Sweet Pea was especially proud of his industrial metal dresser that he painstakingly stripped to the bare metal. It turned out just as I pictured it would and it went to a good home. What was selling? Small items, mirrors and some smaller pieces of furniture. The big stuff not so much. But in these times I am grateful for the support of our customers at any level. And besides, we always have a great time as well! Here are pics of my booth~~please enjoy! More pics to follow of the talented dealers I call my friends...


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