Thursday, April 23, 2009

When In Texas...

When in Texas, we manage to squeeze in a little sight-seeing if we can.

The first two pics are of the house used in the movie Hope Floats, which can be found in Smithville, Texas just two towns away from where we stay. Who knew?

The next pics are of the world's smallest Catholic church. This teeny little church is right next to the field where our show sets up and I've always been curious about it. You can actually go inside and I did.

Beautiful fields of Bluebonnets everywhere the eye can see...

This majestic stone bridge sits in a meadow of Bluebonnets and beautiful old trees along the way to Round Top. Looks like a post card doesn't it?

In Warrenton, the biggest Easter basket I've ever seen!

And finally, this is me holding two adorable Yorkie puppies named Abby and Gidget. Check out the shades. What a scream!


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