Sunday, June 21, 2009

The Disciple-Making, World-Changing, Heart-Molding Role of Mother

If you are one who loves Christ, who desires to see people come and know Him, and longs to find her purpose in the world, let me commend to you the role of mother.

If you are a young woman who has been told all the horrors and sob stories of colic and tantrums and have somehow missed hearing about the joy of raising up interesting, unique individual men and women who will know and serve God, let me commend to you the role of mother.

If you are a gal of my generation, who was told you could "be anything you wanted to be" without ever even having it be hinted that that "anything" might include being "everything" to some little people, let me commend to you the role of mother.

If you are a lady who wants to change the world and make it a better place, let me commend to you the role of mother.

If you are someone who desires to impact people in a huge way, help others to overcome difficulties and find their strengths and God-given abilities, so that they might in turn serve God & contribute to this glorious world in a more weighty manner, let me commend to you the role of mother.


  • ... have the opportunity to impact lives, day-in, day out-for 18+ years, more time than any professor or doctor or preacher or counselor will ever be able to have in the lives of the people they seek to impact.
  • ... have the privilege to study and know their children so that they can train, counsel, and encourage them as they grow towards adulthood
  • ... are given the blessing and responsibility of connecting deeply and wonderfully with their children in ways that are virtually impossible with the world at large.
  • ... have the opportunity to love and be loved in a way that is entirely distinct from any other sort of relationship.
  • ... are able to change the world through a mastery of various fields and talents that they themselves do not possess, as they spur on and encourage their children to find their God-given place of service.
  • ... are able to teach and train and sharpen and shape and guide and gear their children in ways that will forever alter human history.
  • ... have the privilege of praying with intimate understanding for the hearts and lives of people from the very beginning of their existence.
  • ... have a purposeful career designed by God Himself, with His assistance and leadership guaranteed throughout.
  • ... have the unique experience of watching the man they love grow into a man who loves in ways that were unseen and unknown before he became a father.
  • ... have a God-given life with sanctification built-in by the requirements of hard work, selflessness, disappointment, perseverance, patience, grace, self-control, and a continual seeking of wisdom from above.
  • ... have the unique opportunity to work hand-in-hand with God Almighty and the husband He has given to mold future adults.
I am not saying this is the only way-- but I am absolutely saying that it is an awesome way, and a God-designed way, for women to yield to their Maker by welcoming with joy and with great sober responsibility the blessing and gracious gift of children into their hearts, lives, and wombs.

God continues to do amazing things in my heart and life and draw me closer to Himself through this role of mother, and I would be a foolish woman indeed if I did not speak highly to you of this beautiful means of sanctification that God has given to women: the disciple-making, world-changing, heart-molding role of mother.


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