Saturday, June 20, 2009

Three Must-Reads

Catherine R. wrote a moving post a little more than a year ago about her own experience with abortion... and then one day she up and deleted her whole blog in a moment of exasperation. Last week, she wrote her thoughts out once again, and I highly recommend you read her honest account and thoughts laid out here:

My friend Kelly faithfully writes, day after day, to encourage married women in the area of intimacy & love. This week, she wrote a post that (from what people write here @ MH, & say in e-mails) I think that many, many women need to read:

This week, two families that we know brought home their adoptive children-- one family, after waiting for nearly 3 years for the sibling group they adopted from Haiti, and another couple, after facing infertility for many years, and unexpectedly getting a call while they were on vacation. Every time-- and I mean EVERY time-- I hear an adoption story, it touches my heart in a place that few things do. Just today I found myself daydreaming about volunteering in an orphanage or children's home... and at least a couple times each year, Doug & I find ourselves having the "should we adopt now?" discussion, which has (so far) been held off. Perhaps one day.

But for anyone who is even remotely interested, even in just helping another family to be able to adopt, this post is monumentally helpful and important. With the main blogpost written as an awesome testimony to how God has provided for several adoptions in her family, plus over 60 (so far) comments thrown in by others with their stories & tips, this is a rich resource full of ideas for how to afford adoption:

Many blessings, all, and happy reading!


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