Saturday, July 11, 2009

Green Cookware

My green nonstick cookware arrived this week! These saute pans use Ceramica nonstick technology that makes the cookware PTFE and PFOA-Free (suspected carcinogens). They're also designed to enhance heat conductivity, requiring less energy.

We have been using the Anolon technology cookware. It was a wedding present about five years ago and although I stopped using all the nonstick saucepans (instead went with old-fashioned stainless steel), I kept the saute pans for cooking convenience.

I'm really excited to finally have a healthier cooking alternative. It was time for us to upgrade as our Anolon was showing some signs of wear. According to what I've read, as long as the coating is in good condition, it is less likely for the harmful chemicals to leach out. But as soon as the coating starts to show signs of scratching and/or scorching (as ours did), it's time to replace them.

And as a bonus, our new pans are very good looking with a stainless steel exterior and a 70% recycled stainless steel handle.


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