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Saturday, October 31, 2009


I bought this landscape oil painting over the summer, unframed, with the intention of matching it with one of my antique frames. But when I brought it home, I realized that it was a really odd size!

So I figured that eventually, I would have to have one of my old frames cut down to fit (which costs about $100). Then yesterday, I was in the city looking through some antique shops when I came across this antique gold frame above. To my utter shock and pure joy, they were a match!

Both frame and painting are very happy to have found each other - I think it was absolute destiny! xo

Details on where I hung it will come later!

Friday, October 30, 2009

Happy Halloween

This was our first snow fall. It happened a couple of weeks ago and I'm happy to say that it hasn't been back - it will be a long enough winter as it is!

If this photo looks familiar, you may have seen it over at Tara Dillard's blog - she's doing our landscape design!! She sent me the beautiful landscape plans a few days ago and it's very exciting...I'll post on that soon!

This is the extent of my Halloween costume. I'll wear it when we carve our pumpkins tonight - and when I toast the fresh yummy pumpkins seeds!

Have a Happy Halloween!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

I Can't Sell It All...

So, one of the biggest perks of being an antiques dealer is finding and keeping fabulous stuff for yourself. Then there is the trade~up benefit as well... You know, when you find something you like a "little" better than something you already have... I call it the rotation factor. Well, as always when I'm in Texas doing the Marburger show I treat myself to some fabulosities cause that's the mecca of such. Here's what I found...

I saw this in my friend Terri's booth (Garden Worthy) and hadn't decided whether to keep it or sell it. By the time we got home it had crossed into the keep column. Then it occurred to me how fab it would be for my growing necklace collection...

This spoke to me immmediately but I resisted. I can't believe it didn't sell. This awesome old "in memorium" piece was in my pal TOT's booth (Time Worn Interiors) and haunted me, if you will, until I had to strike up a deal for it. I'm sure my children will think it creepy if they ever read it but I adore it and am happy that it is now in my possession. Notice all the post-mortem references... Purely accidental...

What, another clock you say? It's an addiction I will cop to all day. This one came from my pal TOT's booth...

I found this little mirror in Warrenton. The patina is off the chain and I encourage you to click on this pic to enlarge and get the full effect.

I also found this cute little ironstone plate that has turned just the right shade of brown in Warrenton along with this wasp nest. Look at the pattern the egg sacks make on it. The seller assured me they are all dead, and so far so good...

I adore this ironstone lid in just the right mottled crazed condition...

I love funky junk. This old iron speaker spoke to me immediately. Isn't it the coolest?

I have looked high and low for a sugar bowl with the lid. Almost impossible to find, ya know? So imagine my delight when I found this one in TOT's booth in brown transferware...

This little wire and metal piece came from Donna and Franklin's booth at Marburger. I am using it cloche~style over a mini white punkin on a fab silver tray in my dining room...

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Getting in the Spirit

I'm a little bit of a party pooper on Halloween. I think my favorite part is toasting fresh pumpkin seeds. In fact, it's probably what motivates me to carve the pumpkin!

I did put out this carved bird on the window sill, which isn't very scary, but it kind of looks like a silhouette against the light.


I adore white pumpkins... They only recently became available here in FL... I loaded up on these baby boo punkins when I saw them at my local grocery store... They are here and there among my treasures... Happy White Wednesday....

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Studying Love - part two

Before my break, I shared the first half of a study some friends and I were doing on the 1 Corinthians 13 "love" passage. I've had several requests to share the second half, so even though I'm not intending to blog for now, here's the rest of the study. :)

Love is not irritable-- [irritable-- capable of being provoked to impatience, anger or displeasure; easily exasperated, annoyed; responsive to stimuli; provokable]
  • Working DEF of "is not irritable": peacefully willing to continually extend forgiveness rather than living in a state of being easily moved to anger, impatience, and frustration.
  • {Cross-refs: Example from David's life-- 2 Sam. 16:5-14, 19:16-23; Examples from Christ-- Matt. 5:23-24, 45-46; Luke 15:11-32; Luke 23:32-49; Christ's forgiveness even on the cross; His compassion on the crowds always pressing for His attention)
Love is not resentful-- [resentful-- full of a feeling of indignant displeasure or persistent ill will at something regarded as a wrong, insult, or injury; counts up wrongdoing]
  • Working DEF of "is not resentful": does not count up wrongs against others based on my own perceptions; instead, looks to the standard of Christ's forgiveness and willingness to love even people who treated Him poorly
  • {Cross-refs: same as above; this particular facilitator just gave us broad stories/examples}
***One story was shared that was enlightening for these last two points. It comes from the life of John Hyde (a.k.a. "Praying Hyde"). He said, basically, that we should imagine if we were to walk into a master craftsman's workshop and look around. This craftsman's work was known far and wide as durable, beautiful, and highly valued. But as we look around the shop, we'd clearly see pieces of furniture in various stages of progress and wouldn't be surprised. In fact, we'd be the foolish ones to look around and begin criticizing each piece... "look at this one; it just looks like a lump of wood!"... "this piece isn't even straight! What a lousy piece of work!" ... "this chair looks OK, but when you touch it, the arms and seat are splintery and sharp; no one could ever use it!" The point is, that's what we are doing when we look around and get irritable and resentful towards the people around us when, in fact, we are all just works in progress in the workshop of the Everlasting God.

Love rejoices not in iniquity-- [iniquity: wrongdoing, evil, violence, injustice, rebellion, perversity, missing the mark, unrighteousness... rejoicing in the sins of others]
  • A challenge from Jonathan Edwards on this subject: "Do you carry with you, habitually, a dread of sin? Do you not only mourn and humble yourself for sins that are past, but have you a dread of sin for the future? And do you dread it because in itself it is evil, and so hurtful to your own soul, and offensive to God? Do you dread it as a terrible enemy? ... Do you stand on your watch against it?"
  • Working DEF: guards against and hates sin, in myself and others, wherever it is found.
  • Cross-refs: {1 John 1:9; Job 34:10, 32; Job 24:32; Job 36:10; Ps 32:2; Ps 51:1-2; Ps 53:1}
Love rejoices in the truth-- clings to that which is reliable, sure, stable, faithful; holds to divine instruction, true doctrine
  • Working DEF: delights and rejoices in God, His Word, and His ways
  • Cross-refs: {Ps 19:7-11; Deut 32:4; Ps 51:6; Ps 57:10; John 1:14, 17; John 8:32, 44; John 14:6}
Love bears all things-- "covers all things quietly" (Grk #4722), a word related to the Latin toga, english deck/thatch. To cover, protect, cover with silence, endure, bear. "Puts up with all sorts of things" -R. Picirilli; "contains oneself in silence from giving vent"; extending kindness to others as we extend it to ourselves -- C. S. Lewis
  • Working DEF: love silently covers the offensive or hurtful and opts for forgiveness, peace, and kindness.
  • Cross-refs: {Prov 17:9; Ps 68:19-20; Prov 10:12; Prov 11:13; Jere 10:10; Nahum 1:7; Romans 3:23-25; Eph 4:1-3; Col 3:12-13}
Love believes all things-- believes in an ethical sense; confidence in the goodness of men; to have confidence/trust; not distrustful/suspicious; not quick to give up; freely loving without cynicism; "unsuspiciously believes what is not provably false"
  • Challenging thoughts from various commentators: Love "prefers to put confidence in people, to believe the best, and give them the benefit of the doubt" ~R. Picirilli; "In doubtful cases, he will prefer being too generous in his conclusions to suspecting another unjustly" ~Robertson/Plummer; "Love trusts in the redeemable possibilities of others" ~Orr-Walther.
  • Working DEF: unless and until known otherwise, tenaciously and unsuspiciously believes the best
  • Cross-refs: {Prov. 12:16, Prov 3:29, Prov 11:21, Prov 15:3, Prov 19:5} Examples: Ruth, Melanie Wilkes
Love hopes all things-- expect with confidence, anticipate with pleasure, joy, and assurance; confidently expects restoration, reconciliation, etc... even in times of trouble
  • Working DEF: joyfully anticipates what God will do in all people and situations encountered
  • Cross-refs: {Ps 38:15; Jer 23:16; 1 John 3:2-3; Rom 8:19-24; Luke 19:5-10; Luke 15:11-32; Luke 7:37-39, 44-50}
Love endures all things-- perseveres, to remain, have fortitude, abide, not recede or flee, bear bravely and calmly, patiently suffer
  • Working DEF: doesn't give up and keeps eternity in mind
  • Cross-refs: {1 Chron 16:34; Ps 100:5; Ps 138:8; Ps 145:13; Matt 10:22; Matt 13:21; 1 Peter 1:25; James 5:11} Other examples: Job, Joseph, Ruth, Paul, Jesus
Love never fails-- never ends, perpetual, long-term, offers grace and love at every opportunity
  • Working DEF: long-term; offers sure, steadfast love at every opportunity
  • Cross-refs: {Deut 4:31; 1 Kings 8:56; Ps 38:10; James 2:10; Habakkuk 3:17-19}

I hope this is as helpful and challenging for some of you as it has been for my friends and I. Truly, we can never live up to this standard of love; but with God all things are possible. And certainly, with the help and conviction of the Holy Spirit, we can all grow in this area.

Many blessings to all of you... and may God continue to draw you deeper and deeper into His LOVE.

Garden Report - Winding Down

After a cool spring, cooler and wet summer Mother Nature hit us with a cooler start to the fall. I had hoped for a bit of nicer weather but it wasn't to be. The vegetable beds have been a bit neglected mainly because of the rain. We've already had our first hard frost too. Yesterday I spent a bit of time in the garden. It was one of the very rare days where the sun was actually out!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

A Clean Slate

I've been enjoying this fantasy that we've just bought our house and everything is just as it is now...crisp, clean and ready to decorate! In this fantasy world, it is as if the era of pea green carpeting and faux wood paneling never existed...

So my fantasy goes like this...Hubby and I pull up to a lovely country house that's in our price range! Wow, huh? We're instantly in love as we can see that the house has been well-taken care of. We walk up to the front door and as I step in, I begin to glide through the each room seeing nothing I don't like.

When I make my way to the living room, my eyes light up and as I turn, Hubby takes me in his arms (suddenly I have my wedding dress on) and we begin to dance, giddy with laughter as we know that we have finally found exactly what we're looking for in our new home. We pause only for a moment, with bright beaming smiles, and say to our realtor without any doubt or hesitation, "we'll take it!"

Nothing in this fantasy had anything to do with what really happened, especially the part about the doubt and hesitation. But I'm enjoying every minute of my fantasy as I stare into this empty room, dreaming of how I'm going to decorate! It feels like such a luxury!

So let me take you through the room...

This is the perspective you get when coming from the kitchen. The french door next to the picture window will eventually take you to a balcony, which we'll build this spring. The original 'deck' was torn down when they put in the new Marvin windows. The door you see through the entryway, goes to the wraparound porch...this is our formal entry into the house.

This is looking towards the fireplace from a corner that no one will ever stand in, but I thought I'd give every perspective. Entry is where the hall tree stands.

If I pan left a bit more, you'll see the coat closet to the left and to the left of that, the hallway where the den, guest bedroom and downstairs bathroom are located.

So this is what I've come up with so far...

...the main layout. The couch will face the fireplace and the two chairs will flank each side of the fireplace. I love the coziness that this layout will offer and I know that there will be many hours spent snuggled in front of the fire.

Here's the new couch we've ordered...accompanied by two of the above chair! We went with a couch with more modern lines to contrast a little with the more traditional lines of the coffee table. The coffee table (you can see here) is an antique pedestal with rounded feet and oval top, which will compliment the round lines in the chair.

Here are the fabrics we chose...the sofa fabric is a beautiful velvet (so luxurious) and the chair fabric, which goes really well with the tarragon velvet, is linen-esque (the photo doesn't really show the chair fabric very well). And due to the furniture store's amazing sale - I made sure that I picked out the highest grade of fabric - of course I did!

I've also been considering a tall narrow table to put behind the couch. I'd put two table lamps on each end to illuminate the room. I was thinking of something a little modern, made of mostly glass so that it doesn't feel too heavy. I think this would be the best option as end tables wouldn't work well with the tuxedo-style (high arms) couch.

Also, we'll order a 9x12 natural fiber rug, perhaps this one from Pottery Barn, to go in front of fireplace. All the furniture fits on the 9x12 size. I'll accent the rest of the room with antique rugs I already have.

I'll put an antique rug in front of the french door. This door will eventually lead to a balcony. There's about a seven foot drop outside the door right now. The balcony will have wide center stairs going down into the yard. It will be big enough to put a couple of rocking chairs or a small table and chairs for an extra place to eat or drink.

Our existing dining cabinet, that I'll be stealing from our dining room (photo below), will be relocated to the above wall. Instead of holding dining odds and ends, it will be transformed into a secretary that will be a place for beloved books, unframed art, special momentos, etc. I'll be stealing this cabinet from the dining room because we've decided to add two more windows on the wall where the cabinet is now. But I'll go into the dining room plans later.

Here's the cabinet we'll be stealing for the living room. Hopefully, someday I'll find a narrower dining cabinet to replace it.

On that small wall to the right of the kitchen entry, I've been considering a temporary bookshelf. Lauren at Pure Style Home inspired me when she put one in her house, on a similar sized wall, and it looks fabulous - like everything else she does. And I say 'temporary' because as you can see in the next photo, I have plans for Hubby (wink, wink Hubby), to build a built-in bookcase (love the look of those - I have a gazillion inspiration photos of them) on that huge wall.

We're waiting to begin this project until after we get rid of that floor furnace. It's the one 'functional' thing in the house we have yet to figure out. But whatever we decide to do, that floor furnace grate will eventually go...and hello bookcase. ; )

So odds and ends still left to find are: some sconces for above the mantle (any suggestions?), a 9x12 natural fiber rug, perhaps a white bookcase, a tall modern table and...

Any other inspiring ideas? I would love your feedback! Just love it!
*Also, I've made another friend over at High Street Market. ..... Kelly has the most amazing Etsy shop with so many beautiful treasures. I was eyeing the pair of marble table lamps, an antique oval mirror and a lovely pewter pitcher...and it's all so reasonably priced! How fun is that!

Friday, October 23, 2009

October Poem

View from our upstairs window.

October gave a party;
The leaves by hundreds came
The Chestnuts, Oaks, and Maples,
And leaves of every name.
The Sunshine spread a carpet,
And everything was grand.
Miss Weather led the dancing,
Professor Wind the band.

George Cooper

Have a wonderful fall weekend! And I've made another fabulous friend - go see Jennifer at The Newlywed Diaries!

Happy Anniversary T!!!

My sweet friend T of Garden Antqs Vintage fame is celebrating the anniversary of her first post! And she's hosting another of her famous parties!! Go on over and get in on the fun! Tell her Sweet Pea sent ya!!

Thanks T for being such an inspiration to everyone in blogland!! You are a treasure!!



Thursday, October 22, 2009

A Fall Walk

First, the lovely Camilla from Camilla at Home has posted on A Country Farmhouse! Isn't that so kind of her! She has a beautiful blog that I love visiting and I know you will too!

The above photo was taken up the road from our house. You can see that big open field from our bathroom window, which I always pause to look out from in case there are any elk or deer passing through.

It's a favorite field of ours as it's down a long dirt road where only horses and a few neighbors like us, travel on. The mountain you see in the background is Mt. Adams, the same mountain we see from our house.

This photo was taken last fall. We went up to the field this past weekend but unfortunately, I didn't have my camera with me. We were happy to see that the bees were back, now that their work in the orchards is done. They were buzzing's sort of exciting and terrifying all at the same time! But unlike the wasp, the honey bees are more interested in their honey than in you.

And just so you know, those wires around the bee boxes - are live! I know this because I got too close and got zapped!
Fall is such a beautiful time of the year, I only wish it didn't pass by so quickly.

Local Farms

We decided to stop in at a local farm this afternoon to pick up a few pumpkins. This is a farm we drive by quite often but unfortunately never make the time to stop in. Today, we did!

They had a corn maze (mostly for children) that we couldn't resist walking through.

There were some sunflowers sprouting up from the corn stalks. For once, Hubby isn't the tallest one in the bunch.

We also stopped in at their farm stand where they had everything from jams and preserves to fresh produce and apple cider.

...and oh, the pumpkins were great too!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009


Okay all you White Wednesday fans, hold on to your hats... It's the one and only Judy Hill... Judy Hill always puts together a phenomenal booth at Marburger... I love her style... I love how she mixes rustic and funky with drop~dead gorgeous... I just plain love her... Click HERE to see her blog.

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