Tuesday, October 6, 2009

A River Runs Through It~~The Sequel

Have you heard of the movie by this title? Well, it seemed appropriate to borrow it to describe the Fall Marburger show. Where do I begin... We arrived a day earlier than usual, which was a wise decision, because it gave us time to be less stressed putting the booth together and we got to spend more time with our peeps. I, unfortunately, succumbed to a cold on the way so that was an obstacle I didn't anticipate~~but I was able to suck it up and get the job done. We put together what I feel was our most awesome booth ever. We finished early in the day on Monday and had time to schmooze and hang out with our friends, and had dinner on the grounds with TOT, Craig, Teresa and Lauri at TOT's camper.

Suddenly, the heaven's opened up and we got the most awful storm and buckets of rain poured down. When it slacked off enough to go to the tent we all saw the worst thing you could ever see the night before a show opens.... Our booths were flooded with several inches of water. We had put down straw to make the floor look more rustic, so we had a soup of water and straw. So after three days of sweating til we had none left, fighting a cold, and feeling just dog tired we had to completely tear apart the displays in the front of the booth and move it all to the back of the booth which was drier. We drove to our motel in more rain and listened to it storm all night.

We arrived before daylight the next morning not knowing what we would find. It was a muddy mess outside and the booth was still holding water. We added another layer of straw to the soup to try and soak it up and proceeded to put the booth back together. The show opened and we had an awesome show~~my best yet~~in spite of all the chaos. Here's the booth in all it's wet glory....

Okay so you think the drama is over right? The last day of the show~~Saturday~~our luck ran out again. It started to rain before noon and never really stopped completely. I had a good day in spite of it~~antiquers are die-hards aren't we~~and ended with a strong sales total. The show ends at 4pm and the frenzy of load out begins. At 4 pm practically on the dot, the sky opened again and we loaded out in the pouring down rain. We finished in the dark with a flashlight, soaked to the bone and filthy. I know when we shuffled into Dairy Queen (the only thing still open) they had to wonder if we even had the money to pay for our food. We were rode hard and put up wet (not joking one bit). We drove two days home in the rain, sometimes so hard we could hardly see the road. Still grateful though for a safe trip, good times, great sales, and all the new friends we made. Thanks to everyone who stopped by our booth and found a treasure~~~see you in the Spring!!


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