Wednesday, November 18, 2009


Once again, it's WHITE WEDNESDAY... Kathleen at FADED CHARM is the brainchild behind this once~a~week~white~fest and I love being a part of it. There's just one thing you see... I am tapped out. There I said it. I am scrounging for new WHITES around the land of Sweet Pea. I don't have the Christmas spirit yet so can't help you there. I have new and fabulous plans for the garden cottage but that is a ways off as I have three shows on the horizon~~in fact the first starts Friday (see sidebar). This is a good thing as it is forcing me to stretch my imagination a bit, but I admit I am struggling. I had two snotty~nosed toddlers sneezing in my face all day to boot so I am trying to kill the germs with merlot as I type.

Anyway, this week I am cheating. I am going to another source for the WHITE fix we all crave... None other than ELIZABETH HOUSE... As a shop owner, I used to pour over her early posts and I am positive she is one of the inspirations for my starting a blog of my own. I hope she doesn't mind that I am showing some random photos of hers~~I give all credit to her and her enormous talent behind the lens. It was a highlight of the Spring 2009 blogger party to meet her in person. If you are reading this Elizabeth~~love love your style...

A photo from the loo in her apartment...

Could you die over this photo from her shop?

Taken by Elizabeth while at a flea market.

Do you remember the craze she started with these paper walls in her shop?



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