Monday, December 28, 2009

Free On Curb

That's what the ad on Craigslist said... This antique Eastlake dresser will be on the curb at 7am Monday morning. Original mirror. Needs work, great restored. Free.

In a neighborhood less than ten minutes from my home... So Mr. Sweet Pea and I head there this am at 6:30 in case they put it out earlier. When we pull in there is already competition circling the neighborhood. Okay that doesn't scare us. The house number was not given~~only the street name. But this street happened to be a big circle through the entire neighborhood. At first, our competition followed behind us. I thought, wow are we going to have to tussle for this? So we turned around and headed the other direction.

So here we are, at 6:40am circling for the elusive free dresser. Giving the stare down to the other guy as he passes us for the 30th time. And then, the unexpected... A third truck gets into the action. Yikes I thought, this could get ugly. Luckily this guy doesn't have the staying power and leaves after one lap.

Okay it's finally 7am... No dresser. Still circling. 7:05. Still circling. No dresser. 7:10. Still circling. Going a little faster now. No dresser. And then we get a break! The competition has had enough and leaves! Wimp.

7:15. We circle two more times. No dresser. Okay we give. We leave never laying eyes on the free antique Eastlake dresser that needs work. Did someone contact the owner the day before and pick it up? Did they oversleep? Were they playing a prank and watching to see how many lunatics would circle and for long? We'll never know...

Free on curb... Hmmmmm...


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