Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Practicing Random Acts of White Wednesday

Random shots taken around my home for this year's first WHITE WEDNESDAY... Thanks Kathleen for hosting! Stop by her blog to see the humongo list of other participants.

Teeny crusty scale.

Top section of mirror bought ages ago.

Clock face and a bumpy gourd against a crusty corbel.

A most fabulous crusty foot from an old claw~foot tub.

Old linen towels on an apple ladder.

Millinery flowers in an old wire vase, nestled among my treasured transferware.

Butter pats... Enough said.

More millinery. More brown ironstone. Aaahhh.

A crusty white hook given to me by a long lost friend.

Could a bird lay eggs and a clock face? I wonder...

Stack of platters.

Is there anything more delicious than old French letters in a fab old frame?

Nature gives me treasures.

The imprint of sea~life on a white stone against an old mirror.

Old ghosting mirrors are like drugs to me...

The biggest, fattest, best corbel I've ever seen. And it's mine. Yum.


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