Monday, February 15, 2010

Antique Dough Bowl

I'm not thrilled about our coffee table. This little painted wooden one was once used to store muddy rubber boots on our porch. I brought it inside and right now it's parked in front of the couch until I come up with a better solution. In the meantime, I decided to use an antique bread bowl underneath to add a little bit of interest and usable space.

The wooden bowl came from my husband's grandmother, who inherited it from her mother who really did use it for kneading dough. I don't know how old is actually is or even what it's worth, although I've heard it could fetch a pretty penny. Not that we're selling. :)

Currently the bowl holds some wooden play blocks, however it's gone through cycles of holding all manner of items. Before the blocks, it was sea shells. The coaster plates on the silver tray are from John Derian when he did a line for Target. Bless him. I stocked up on a few things from that line, which I'll highlight in another post one day soon.

(I received a lot of comments and emails after my Living Room post from the other day. I'm taking the next few days to answer some of the questions I received)


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