Monday, February 15, 2010

Hungry for Spring

We're having a warm spell these last few days, and it is making me all the more hungry for spring. Our local grocery has been keeping beautiful spring flowers in stock, and I'm rarely able to resist bringing home an armful of fresh blossoms.

This week it's lilies.

Last week it was daffodils.

The week before that, white tulips.

...and here's the last of the white tulips as they were beginning to fade.

We had a busy weekend as we finally began our 'renovation' of the old sauna. This includes (present tense -we're still working on it!) removing the old steam benches (to be recycled into shelving), and prepping (with primer and spackle) and painting the wall boards. Like all projects, it's taking forever, it's hard work and we probably won't be done until next weekend - photos to follow!

Off to paint! By writing this, I'm hoping that it motivates me to actually go out there and paint.

PS. We did take breaks to celebrate Valentine's Day with a couple of date nights, and a lovely fireside french toast breakfast on Valentine's Day morning!


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