Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Love Seat

I grew up with this love seat. It was in the entry of my Grandmother's home which was nestled in the hills of Studio City, California. Like all the antique pieces of hers I own, this piece of furniture has been in the family for several genarations, originally surviving my Great Great Grandparents westward migration from Chicago to Los Angeles in the early 1900's. These pieces were handed down from my Grandmothers Grandparents to her parents, and in turn from her parents to her.

My Grandmother upholstered the love seat in the red toile fabric. I hadn't realized this until we were closing up her house and found all the fabric scraps. She loved red toile...she loved her red transfer ware.

The dip you see in the right-half of the cushion is from me. I was a teenager and I decided to plop myself down on it one day but immediately sprang back up when I heard the sound of a spring pop. I had Hubby try to retie the springs last weekend so that's why we had it on the porch.

As you can see in the picture above, it's not looking very much like winter around here! We've had only rain these past few weeks...making it feel a lot more like spring. xo


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