Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Signature Tablecloth

We have a signature tablecloth at our house. It's an average white cotton tablecloth from Target. But it becomes something increasingly special every time someone comes to dinner. Our table is our guest book, so before anyone departs from our company, they must leave their autograph.

In pencil they sign their name with the date below. If they come back again - and surely they will - they will sign a new date under the old. Some guests (or their children) like to get creative and leave something extra. Flower below courtesy of our friend's 13 year old.
Over the next few days, I have a special project of embroidering over their name and reminiscing on the pleasure of their visit. Off-white on white naturally. A subtle way to show off who's who.
One day, our tablecloth will be filled with delightful off-white letters and it will be time to start again.

Idea: courtesy of my friend Allison


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