Monday, February 8, 2010

Thanking you all

What a pleasure it was to be highlighted in the beautiful Maria's blog today. When I first discovered her blog, "Dreamy Whites", I felt an instant connection with her. She has five children in similar ages as our six. She just started a design blog and so did I. She loves decorating with white. Me too. Our names are similar (Rie is short for Marie). And then she posted about her girl's room, and the pom poms were the same exact pom poms used in our own girl's room!

Maria is so talented and every image on her blog could be in a book or magazine just the way they are...truly breathtaking photography and styling.

I appreciate every one's comments and encouragement! I was out most of the day and evening, so you can imagine how lovely it was to come home to so many wonderful comments from such sweet ladies. I've been reading many inspiring design blogs for the last couple years and it is so nice to now join in on the fun. I feel I know many of you through reading your blogs... and even think of you while out shopping when I see something that I think you might like. :)

Speaking of that very thing... today I was at Costco and saw a garage workbench that would make the most smashing kitchen island. If we hadn't already remade one, I would most definitely be tempted to save for this one. It had a wood top and an industrial look to the legs in black metal. The size was *perfect* for a big kitchen workspace. If you are in the market for a kitchen island, you should check it out. See, I think of my blog friends even while out grocery shopping!

Thanks again all you lovely ladies of blog wonderland, see you tomorrow!


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