Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Office Notes

I picked up an oversized cork board recently after realizing that the old one just wasn't big enough. The new one is much BIGGER. It extends about a foot past the edge of the photo. BIG.

My handy dresser is providing wonderful storage space, especially for the one billion inspiration photos that I've been tearing out of magazines for...oh, ever. But I thought a cork board would help me actually look at some of the photos I love, instead of having them sit in the drawer all the time.

The stack of antique gold frames leaning up against the wall are 'in waiting.' Waiting for me to find something perfect to put in them.

Now that I've lived with my sisal rug for awhile, I have to say that I'm quite pleased. Not only does it not show the wheel marks from the castors on my chair, but it's a tight weave so it's easy to wheel to and fro, here and there. The downside to all of these wonderful features is that it's scratchy to walk on...so slippers are recommended.

Behind the white chair is an old lawyer's bookcase. The bookcase comes from the same Great Great Grandfather that the desk belonged to (he was a doctor and both these items were in his office). The case is not big enough to hold all of our books (I'm working on Hubby to build us a big built-in for those), so I thought I'd use it for all of my home and garden design books. Look, room to spare...how convenient.

The top case is reserved for my collection of birds nests. xo


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