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Friday, April 30, 2010

The Magnificent Mint Mojito

I'm waxing a bit poetic, but if you like mint, rum and lime, this Cuban cocktail was made for you. It's refreshing on a hot day with just the hint of a citrus bite to keep it interesting. On Kentucky Derby day, this wonderful little drink makes a nice change from the traditional mint julep, especially if you aren't into bourbon.

A classic recipe follows. Mint and limes are essential for a


Last fall I planted our first tulip bulbs in the yard. The variety is called 'Triumph' and came from Van Bloem Gardens.

It was pure joy to watch her rise up from the spring ground and say hello. I think even dear Hubby said hello back.

This fall, I'm going to make a point of getting many more bulbs to plant around the yard because there's nothing quite sweeter than to see that little sleeping bulb come up in the spring and blossom into a beautiful flower.

Happy weekend dear friends. xo

More Spring Blooms

Spring activities in the garden this year have been rather slow mainly because it is still early weatherwise for us but also because we have our house on the market.  We had hoped to be moving in time to establish a garden at the new house but that doesn't look like it will be happening.  I am plugging ahead working on the area we started last fall so there has been minor improvements there. 

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Atop the Desk

I know it's popular to display scales like this one in kitchens, but I thought it fit in perfectly right here. Love the scalloped base and metal green hand. Aside from Poppy, it's my favorite new addition to the desk space.

Some plain white index cards sit on top and serve as convenient notepads. We can never have enough of those. Same goes for pens... they disappear as fast as socks do around our house. I stock up on cheap clear Bic pens from Target. I like them all matching.

The stone dog wears my watches like a fancy schmansy collar. He looks downright puffed up about it too.

Mr. Man can be found in a variety of unusual poses throughout the day. He's actually a fun accessory to have around.

I borrowed the #7 crock from my kitchen to display a single Clematis bloom. And underneath it sits a box with blooms all it's own.

And these are a few of my favorite desk things.

It's Coming Together...

So I've been racking my brain to come up with a meaningful theme for my 200TH POST GIVEBACK... After much thought I've decided to give a selection of some of my most favorite things to the lucky winner...

Here's what you'll get if your name is drawn...

My all~time favorite candle in the entire world from where else... Anthropologie! If you've never walked into Anthro and caught a whif of their Volcano candle, well you're in for a sensory treat.

My favorite CD in the universe, Bird On A Wire by Toby Lightman. I can hit replay all day on this one.

Three different shower gels by Philosophy. I adore Philosophy. These smell so good you will want to literally eat them.

A brown and white transferware butter pat. Yummy.

An assortment of teeny watch faces. I am addicted to these.

A fab flower frog from my personal collection. I hope you treasure it.

French script stamped seam binding. Say that three times fast... I love me some seam binding...

Three fabulous gift tags in the French theme of course...

Some surprises are bound to find their way into the mix as well...


Good luck everyone!

Joan of Arc

Meet Joan. I've known her since I was a little girl. This Italian bust of marble and alabaster used to sit on a table in my Grandmother's foyer in California. Before that, she came from my Great Great Grandmother's house in Chicago.

Growing up, I didn't know her as the tragic and heroic figure Joan of Arc. She was just the pretty lady that greeted us in my Grandmother's entry.

For now, she's on our bedroom dresser. Eventually, I would like to relocate her to the living room downstairs, but will need to find a table strong enough to support her.

Hubby wasn't all that crazy about Joan when she first came to live with us. She reminds him of his parochial school days.

But I think she's growing on him.

What Does Not Belong in Your Compost

Composting is the ultimate in recycling.  Food scraps and vegetation are easily turned into the highly desirable soil amendment known simply as compost.  Compost can be used as a natural fertilizer for all garden beds, as a potting medium for most container plants including houseplants and even scattered through out the yard to act as a fertilizer for grass and other ground cover.  There simply

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

April's Bird(s)

Can you spot any changes to my office below? One of them is standing on the edge of my desk.

Meet Poppy.

He's only been with us for a couple of weeks,

and already he thinks this desk belongs to him.

Remember my bird calendar? This month's parakeet is strikingly beautiful.

And, well, poor Poppy is a wee bit jealous...

and tries to vie for April's slot.

How to Grow Potatoes in Potato Planter Bag (3)

Once the potato foliage begins to die back the potatoes are ready for harvesting.  They can be harvested earlier as we do if you want the new, small potatoes.  Don't expect a huge yield of potatoes.  We grow mainly for the new potatoes and a bit of fresh eating, not for storage.  Potatoes routinely are on sale $7.99 for a 50 lb bag.  I can't grow enough for what we would need to store through the

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Happy Birthday Michael!!!

Today was my son’s 3rd  BIRTHDAY!!!

This post is really long but really fun to make.  I started out by wanting to just post a few of my favorite photos of my little guy….


I had way to many favorites! lol!

I just loved reminiscing about the past 3 years. 

Here are the photos I chose.


100_8234 100_8248 100_8275 gm 




101_0004  101_0073 101_0111 101_0119

100_0141 100_0317 100_0342 100_0368

100_0777  100_0828 100_0837  100_0994 100_1072  100_1327  100_1415 michael100_1706 100_1733 100_1844 100_1929 100_2002   mbw 100_2393 100_2425 100_2473 100_2523 100_2534 100_2542 100_2610 100_2667 100_2719


100_3435 100_3457   100_3646 100_3652 100_3656 christmas 3


100_1311 100_1477@2009-05-27T19;11;43

our family

memorial day 100_1752@2009-05-17T19;59;56 100_1818@2009-05-17T19;47;37 100_1845

100_2678 100_2682@2009-06-22T01;51;44 100_2684@2009-06-22T01;49;24 100_2688@2009-06-22T01;39;37 100_2702@2009-06-22T01;39;56 100_2715

  100_3281@2009-07-18T20;04;19 100_3326@2009-07-19T17;29;47 100_3331 100_3471@2009-07-27T00;32;49 100_3480@2009-07-27T00;33;00 100_3554@2009-07-27T00;35;50 100_3590@2009-08-11T14;33;35 100_3697@2009-08-11T14;21;56 100_3763@2009-08-11T14;23;37 2009 10 18_0344 2009 10 18_0346 2009 10 24_0174 2009 11 08_1215 2009 11 08_1237 2009 11 08_1284 2009 11 26_1392 2009 11 28_1368 2009 12 02_1429 2009 12 07_1479 2009 12 19_1661 2009 12 22_1610 2009 12 25_1947 2009 12 28_2103 2010 01 05_2427 2010 01 12_2358 2010 01 14_2465  2010 02 15_0573 2010 02 15_0578 2010 02 17_0343 2010 02 18_0317 2010 02 20_0233 2010 02 21_0188 2010 02 21_0189 2010 02 21_0192 2010 02 21_0202 2010 02 22_1083 2010 02 22_1098 2010 02 22_1138 2010 02 23_0879 2010 02 23_0890 2010 02 23_1000 2010 02 25_0659 2010 03 17_1798 2010 03 28_1975 2010 03 28_1989 2010 03 29_1935 2010 04 01_2310 2010 04 01_2336 2010 04 01_2339 2010 04 01_2373 2010 04 01_2396  2010 04 14_2460 2010 04 21_2685 2010 04 21_2688 2010 04 21_2700 2010 04 24_2729

 Happy Birthday Michael!!!

I love you always!!!

The WINNER to my Earth Day Giveaway will be emailed!  Thanks to all who entered.

Bonnie :)

Please visit my online Shaklee site.

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