Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Colors and Paint Cans

Paint colors.  I've gotten lots of emails about them.  Two of my colors have names.  The others are custom, so I have pictures of my paint cans.  It's the best I can do! 

The first color with a name is "China Moon".  It's from Valspar's "Seaside Retreat" line from Lowes.  To me, it's a lovely neutral.  Not too brown and not too gray.  I have it in my kitchen, dining area, living room, and our little master bedroom (above the wainscoting).  I probably would have put it in every room of the house had I found it sooner.  It contrasts nicely with all my whites, browns, and grays.  It's the color on the walls to the left of the bed below.

image courtesy
This next one is on the walls in the girls, boys, and playroom/office rooms. Many people have asked me about this color, and I thought it was a custom color and I didn't have a name for it.  Lo and behold I looked at the paint can this morning and realized I have been wrong all along.  It's actually another color from the Seaside Retreat line from Lowes.  It's called "Stonecastle".  It's the beigy color below.


However, I must tell you this color can be tricky.  Depending on the light in the room, it can go all the way from looking green to gray to beige.  So, definitely do a test spot on your wall in the room you're wanting to paint, and watch how it changes throughout the day.

You've probably noticed by now all of the beadboard and wainscoting throughout our house.  It's a custom white from Home Depot (below):

Last but not least is the most requested paint color in my house (below):

This color is on our island and gutter bookshelves.  I've not only had people from my blog request this color, but also people in real life who come to my house.  It is a really pretty color. 

Some of you will be sad to know that the turquoise color in the sneak peaks of my laundry room did not stay!  Some were asking the color.  That room was painted when we moved in, so I haven't a name or a paint can for it.  I do like it, but for my laundry room, I wanted something more subdued.  So I chose a soft gray color, which I love.  I'll be sharing that paint color once I reveal the laundry room in its entirety. 

I apologize for not getting back to many people who have asked about my paint colors.  And if it's not to late in coming, happy painting!


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