Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Exercise Keeps Cancer Away‏

Most of you probably don’t know, 
I am a Certified Personal Trainer and I feel that exercise is really important.
I just found this letter from a Doctor explaining how exercise can help prevent cancer.
Here are the Doctor’s Orders…
OK guys; listen up. We need to have a heart to heart
talk about exercise

Sometimes it seems as if exercise is the step child of
a healthy lifestyle.

Taking supplements is easy, and most of us can manage a
healthy diet - when we think of it...

...but exercise - who has time?

The more we learn, the more it looks like we should
really make the time to exercise on a regular basis.

For example, a study reported in the British Journal of
Cancer (98: 1864-1869, 2008) showed that moderate
exercise significantly reduces cancer incidence and
decreases cancer deaths in men.

This study followed 40,708 Swedish men, aged 45-79,
from 1998 to 2004.

When men who walked or cycled an average of 30 minutes
a day were compared to men who exercised very little
there was a 5% (non-significant) decrease in the
incidence of new cancer and a 33% increase in 5-year
survival after the cancer diagnosis!

When they looked at men who walked or cycled an average
of 60 minutes a day the 5-year survival after cancer
diagnosis was about the same as for the men who were
exercising for 30 minutes a day.

But, there was a statistically significant 16% decrease
in the incidence of new cancer diagnosis compared to
men who exercised very little.

What does this mean to me and you?

If you are a man, this study shows that moderate
intensity exercise has the potential to decrease both
your chance of developing cancer and your survival if
you do get cancer - and as little as 30 minutes of
exercise a day can make a difference.

But the sad fact is that less than 50% of the men in
this country exercise for 30 minutes even 5 days a week
- and 15% are bone fide couch potatoes.

So it's time to dust off that exercise cycle or lace up
your walking shoes and get moving.

To Your Health!
Dr. Stephen G Chaney
Please pass this information along and help prevent cancer through exercising!
Have a great day!
Bonnie :)
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