Monday, May 3, 2010

Goodbye for Me but Hello for You

I know it's more usual to introduce readers to blogs that are just starting, or ones just discovered. But today I'm posting about one that is closing it's doors (but not its archives!)

image courtesy: Pleasant View Schoolhouse

Anna, from my favorite blog, Pleasant View Schoolhouse, is saying goodbye. I can't tell you the inspiration I've drawn from her blog over the last few years. It's not an interior design blog per say, although it does include some of that. It's a blog filled with inspiration from cooking to sewing to exercise to family to gardening to photography, etc. etc.

Really, it's all about home, and the beauty that springs from it. It's called Pleasant View Schoolhouse because they live in an old schoolhouse. How awesome is that?

Please visit Anna and read the archives. I promise you'll be inspired just as much as I have been. Anna, you'll be missed by so many!!!


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