Saturday, May 8, 2010

Happy Mother’s Day and How much are you Worth?

Happy Mother’s Day!!!!!!!!!

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I want to say Happy Mother’s  Day to all the Mothers in this bloggy world.  I hope that you have a great day and a wonderful weekend.

I also wanted to share something interesting that I read today about how much a mother is worth.  I thought that you might want to look at this.   You can also take a figure out your own personal check at Mom Salary Wizard.  This is kind of fun!

I got this from

What is Your Mom Worth?

Families Can Customize Mom's Job Description and Create a "Mom Paycheck"

Are you wondering what mom should be paid for her work as mom? has valuated the "mom job" of both the Working and Stay-at-Home Moms! Based on a survey of more than 28,000 mothers, determined that the time mothers spend performing 10 typical job functions would equate to an annual salary of $117,867 for a stay-at-home mom. Working moms 'at-home' salary is $71,868 in 2010; this is in addition to the salary they earn in the workplace.

The job titles that best matched a mom's definition of her work are (in order of hours spent per week): housekeeper, day care center teacher, cook, computer operator, facilities manager, van driver, psychologist, laundry machine operator, janitor and chief executive officer.

Now moms and their families can use the Mom Salary Wizard to create their own "mom paycheck". The tool allows moms and their families to price the "mom job", based on location and mom's personal hours worked in each of the 10 roles. Users can create a hypothetical mom paycheck and mom pay stub, which can be printed and emailed to family and friends for Mother's Day.

I would make A LOT of money, haha!  I wouldn’t trade my position for the world,  even on the hardest day!  I love being a mom and take it very seriously.  It is the best job in the world.

Happy Mother’s Day!!!!

I hope that you all have the day that you deserve!

Bonnie :)

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