Friday, May 7, 2010

Our Dining Room Do Over

 2010 05 01_3107

I hope that you are all having a great weekend so far.  I just have to tell you that I just got some great deals from my neighborhood garage sale  this week and I can’t wait to show you my stuff at my Twice Owned Tuesday Party.   Please join me because this week is going to be GREAT!!!

Today, I want to show you my NEW dining room!!!

I am excited because, for the seven years I have been married, I have never had a dining room or a dining  set.  When we first got married, we didn’t have a dining room and in this house, we turned our dining room into a living room.  And we turned our living room into a study. 

But when we got  a free dining room set from my Mother-in-Law, I could wait to re-arrange my house. 

I want to show you my NEW DINING ROOM.

  2010 05 01_3119   

I love having a table to decorate.  I showed you here that I got all these items on the table for for only $34.00 .

   2010 05 01_31122010 05 01_3109 2010 05 01_3110 2010 05 01_3111  2010 05 01_3113 2010 05 01_3114  2010 05 01_3116 2010 05 01_3117

I added this planter that I got from a garage sale for only $3.

2010 05 01_3127 2010 05 01_3128   2010 05 01_3131 2010 05 01_3132 2010 05 01_3133

Here are my before and afters.

This is this room as a living room.


And here it is now.

2010 05 01_3126



I changed the vase for a candle holder that my MIL gave me and the picture that I got from a garage sale.

2010 05 01_3133

2010 05 01_3128

Before.  I don’t know how to get a good picture at this angle because of the windows.


After.  I would love to find a hutch to put in place of the mirror.  I will keep my eye open for one.

2010 05 01_3131



After.  I love it!!  I liked it before too but I love the change and a table to decorate.

2010 05 01_3124

To see the  before “before and afters” of this room, read this post.

What do you think of the new room? 

Do you like to decorate your dining room?

How often do you change your tablescape?  I know I just decorated it, but I already have new ideas.  So exciting!!! lol.

Have a great weekend!

Bonnie :)

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