Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Yarn, yarn, yarn.

It's been an exciting week, Beth finished her first knitting project - a really snuggly cushion made up of swatches of knitting, all with different stitch patterns. What is she going to make next?
I also wanted to show you this lovely photo of yarn from The Gedgrave Flock, it is so soft. Tracy looks after the wensleydale sheep with her husband over at Gedgrave, just outside Orford in Suffolk. We sell her yarns at Halfpenny Home and I can't wait for her to not be so busy so she can come and visit.
On Saturday we had the first Tunisian Crochet session with Lesley and Jeanette bravely tackling this unusual technique which is a bit like a cross between knitting and crochet. You can see our back garden through the open door, this is where we will be holding monthly Craft and Vintage Fairs throughout the summer starting on the 19th June. Cakes of the week are Coffee and Walnut and Toffee Fudge.


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