Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Dash and Albert

The first time I saw a Dash and Albert rug, it was love at first sight.  There is just something special about the weaving and patterns and colors thoughtfully chosen. 

The living areas of our home are completely rug-less.  There are multiple reasons behind why this is so. 

Let's count them, shall we?: 

Reason #1- dad's feet
#2- mom's feet
#3-child's feet
#4-child's feet 
#5-child's feet 
#6-child's feet
#7- child's feet
#8- child's feet 
#9-pet paws 
#10-pet paws
#11- pet paws
#12- pet paws 
#13- pet paws
#14- pet paws
and last but not least:
#15-country living

I actually really, really love rugs.  Aesthetically, they ooze coziness like nothing else.  I also love the idea of stretching out on the floor... something I haven't done in a long, long time.  I'm reminded daily of the noise reduction that naturally occurs by having rugs underfoot.  We could use some noise reduction around here, believe me.  I've tried several different rug solutions throughout the years to help accommodate "the 15 reasons we are currently rug-less".  But *sigh*.  To no avail.

Until now.

Enter: Dash and Albert. 

They have the most amazing line of indoor/outdoor rugs.  Have you seen them?  They are drool worthy.  Quite literally. 

Remember CSN stores who sponsored my bee goblet giveaway?  Well, they contacted me again and are giving me the opportunity to review two Dash and Albert Rugs!  CSN has over 200 online stores, and the Dash and Albert rug photos today came from CSN's vanity online store.   Click the link to view their entire Dash and Albert line.

I decided to review one of Dash and Albert's regular cotton woven rugs and one of their indoor/outdoor rugs.  I have a feeling I already know which one will hold up to the traffic around here, but I thought it would be fun to compare anyway.  I'm keeping the patterns I've chosen a surprise until my review post.  But let's just say I didn't choose the white and blue one below:

However, it took every fiber of my being not to.

I had to remind myself of the "15 reasons...".  Think practical Rie.  Practical.  White on the furniture is one thing.  White on the floor rug is an entirely different thing.  Thankfully, CSN had so many other lovelies to choose from. 

Remember, my pillow giveaway ends tonight midnight EST!  If you haven't entered yet and want a chance to win, click here.


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